Is there anything I can do to prepare for major surgery?

Absolutely! As a patient, it is important to take an active role in your surgical experience. At SurgiStrong, we believe an engaged patient is a vital part of the surgical team. Your surgical team will undertake tremendous preparation to make sure your outcome is the best it can be. There are several things patients can do before surgery to optimize their post surgical recovery. Under the guidance of their physician/surgeon, patients can improve their outcome and recovery by:

  • drinking SurgiStrong RecoverAid™
  • improving physical fitness level
  • managing medical issues
  • improving nutrition
  • preparing their mind and spirit

Is SurgiStrong RecoverAid™ safe to drink before surgery?

Until recently, it was standard procedure to have patients fast from midnight the night before their surgical procedure. This was done to ensure the patient’s stomach was empty before the Anesthesiologist would put the patient under to make sure they did not vomit and get that material into their lungs. It is now known that drinking clear liquids up until 2 hours BEFORE surgery does NOT increase this risk and is safe. This change has been incorporated into the American Society of Anesthesiologists clinical guidelines.

Why drink SurgiStrong RecoverAid™?

There are several benefits of patients drinking a clear complex carbohydrate beverage the night before and/or up until 2 hours before the initiation of anesthesia. The one most easily noticed by the patient is no longer being terribly thirsty the morning of surgery. Drinking any clear liquid does NOT ensure you have enough of the right carbohydrate to prepare you for surgery, nor will it suppress hunger. Complex carbohydrate loading in the PREOPERATIVE period relieves hunger and has significant benefits, other than simply relieving thirst.

Why can't I just drink a sports drink or have juice?

Those beverages are used for different purposes. Juice or sports drinks may not contain the correct amount and type of carbohydrates, be the wrong pH (too acidic) or incorrect osmolality (time it takes to be absorbed from the stomach) that are appropriate for safe and effective use in surgical patients.

Can I drink this on a daily basis for added strength?

SurgiStrong RecoverAid™ is designed to give you a lot of calories at a time when your body is going to need a high calorie complex carbohydrate liquid, such as surgery, long distance running or an endurance event. We recommend consulting with a registered nutritionist for your specific nutritional needs.

Who should use SurgiStrong RecoverAid™?

Patients about to undergo:

  • Major or minor surgery that requires general anesthesia
  • Colonoscopies and/or endoscopies
  • C-section mothers under the direction of their physician
  • Laboring mothers under the direction of their physician

Why aren’t there a lot of these products on the market?

This type of product was designed for a very specific market and it required a considerable amount of research, careful formulation, time, and resources to develop. SurgiStrong RecoverAid took over a year to develop, formulate, and then produce.

My surgeon did not recommend any complex carbohydrate beverage for me before surgery. Should I still drink RecoverAid™?

Please follow the direction of your surgeon or health care team and ask them if using a complex carbohydrate beverage, like SurgiStrong RecoverAid™ is right for you.

My surgery is going to last only about one hour. Should I drink SurgiStrong RecoverAid™?

Yes, you can drink SurgiStrong RecoverAid™ for shorter surgeries. Even for minor surgical procedures, it can relieve your hunger and thirst while increasing your comfort and reducing anxiety. It is a very effective way to prepare for major physical stressors, such as surgery. SurgiStrong RecoverAid™ is an important and effective part of preparing yourself for surgery. Ask your surgeon and health care team how much is right for you.

How does this product taste?

SurgiStrong RecoverAid™ is designed to taste great with a blend of natural fruit flavors. Each bottle should be consumed within a 5 to 10 minute time span. RecoverAid tastes best chilled. Once opened, it should be refrigerated and consumed within 24 hours.

Why is SurgiStrong RecoverAid not available in stores or online?

SurgiStrong RecoverAid is only available through your surgeon, health care team, hospital, or clinic. It is not a drug, but a beneficial pre-surgical drink.

Is SurgiStrong RecoverAid™ made in the USA?

Yes. We are proud to manufacture our product in the USA and make contributions to the communities where we live and work.

Was this tested on animals at all?

No, we do not do any testing on animals. This type of drink was tested through clinical human research and contains natural ingredients.

Will my insurance cover this?

Most medical insurance does NOT cover food, drink, or supplements (even tube feeding formulas) anymore. SurgiStrong RecoverAid™ is a drink with a purpose and is regulated by the USDA.

Are there any side effects?

This type of pre-surgical clear iso-osmolar complex carbohydrate beverage has been tested over a 15 year period in over 3,000 clinical studies, in different countries with different types of people, and on over 4 million patients. No ill effects were noted in any of the studies.