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In 2001, the Enhanced Recovery After Surgery Society (ERAS) was formed. Four years later, they published their original colon surgery protocol1. After many updates and protocols for different types of surgery, ERAS now has guidelines for over twenty types of surgery. The goal of these protocols is to take the proper steps to have a safer, quicker, and more comfortable recovery. These recommendations include:

 Nil per os (NPO) is a Latin phrase meaning nothing by mouth. If you’ve ever gotten surgery (or know someone who has), chances are you’re not a huge fan of NPO. Most healthcare teams in the United States direct you to go NPO for the 24 hours before you have a surgery. Why do these healthcare teams do this? Their answer will likely be about “aspiration”, which means taking something into your airway. Their thought is that if you eat or drink anything in the time leading up to your surgery, it might come up and enter your lungs while you are on the table. This was the idea for many doctors since the 1960s. However, the idea of NPO 24 hours before surgery isn’t true.

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