There are many things you can do to prepare for surgery and improve your postoperative well being

Carbohydrate Loading with SurgiStrong RecoverAid™

You may have heard the advice for athletes to, “carbo load,” before running a marathon or participating in an endurance event. Although SurgiStrong RecoverAid can be used by athletes to prepare for and recover from these intense physical events, it was specifically developed for surgical patients. SurgiStrong RecoverAid improves comfort, reduces nausea and anxiety prior to surgery and enables a faster recovery with fewer complications.

To prepare your body for surgery and maximize its healing ability, you need the proper nourishment and hydration that SurgiStrong RecoverAid can provide.

There are many benefits when a patient is properly fed and hydrated prior to surgery that relate to his or her recovery. One of the most important benefits of drinking a complex carbohydrate drink is reducing insulin resistance. Insulin resistance is associated with increased blood sugar levels, muscle breakdown, and reduced physical function.

However, complex carbohydrate loading BEFORE surgery has been shown to reduce the insulin resistance that can develop due to long hours of fasting prior to surgery and it has been shown to improve patient outcomes.

I always heard that you can’t eat or drink anything the night before or day of surgery. Why can I drink RecoverAid?

Up until recently, it was standard procedure to have patients fast from midnight the night before their surgical procedure. This was done because it was thought that a patient’s stomach needed to be empty when they were put under general anesthesia to make sure they did not vomit and get that material into their lungs. It is now known that a patient can safely drink certain clear liquids up until 2 hours before surgery and it does NOT increase the risk of vomiting (aspiration). This change has been incorporated into the American Society of Anesthesiologists clinical guidelines. Therefore, SurgiStrong RecoverAid was created.